Covid-19 Safety Precautions for Face-to-Face Sessions

Following the ease of restrictions with effect from 17-May-21 I am now able to offer face-to-face sessions at my home therapy room and at my Highworth Clinic. Please contact me for further information on this. As other clinics are added I will let my clients know.

As long as COVID-19 remains an active public health threat I will be taking extra precautions to help keep us both healthy and safe. Prior to confirming your session I will check with you if you have previously been shielding and classed as high-risk. If so I will review your face-to-face session request on a case-by-case basis. If you have not previously been shielding and can answer some pre-screening health questions your session can go ahead subject to a non-contact temperature check once at the clinic.

My actions to keep us safe

  • I have conducted a comprehensive written risk assessment that will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. This statement is up to date as per the date listed below.
  • All clients will need to sign a COVID-19 pre-screening health form in advance of face-to-face sessions.  This requirement will be reviewed in line with my Regulatory Bodies advice but is likely to be maintained for some time.
  • I have received my first COVID-19 Vaccination and will advise when I have received my second.
  • If I or anyone in my household feels unwell, or are displaying any of the COVID-19 symptoms, I will inform you immediately and either rearrange your appointment or offer an online session instead.
  • I will follow all regulatory requirements relating to social distancing. Maintaining a minimum of 1+ metre at all times whilst using personal protective equipment (PPE) which in my case will be a face-mask and/or a face-shield, or 2m+ when not using PPE.
  • I will wash my hands prior to every session and use hand sanitiser in your presence on arrival.
  • I will open the door to the clinic and therapy room for you at the beginning and end of the session.
  • I will also offer you hand sanitiser at the main door entrance when you arrive and take a non-contact temperature reading. Where possible and if confidentiality allows, I will keep a window open during the session.
  • I will also thoroughly clean the therapy room (and toilet if you use it) and allow a minimum of 30 minutes between sessions.
  • While the most recent ease in restrictions (17-May-21) mean I am now able to offer refreshments to you, I have decided to continue not to for the time being, to limit the time I am in the communal kitchen area at the clinic. I therefore ask that you bring your own refreshments if you wish.
  • I will no longer supply tissues and I now encourage clients to bring their own.
  • I will take all appropriate measures to prevent you or myself coming into contact with any other clients who may be using the clinic.
  • I will use spray disinfectant on any pens that I provide pens for your use. If you prefer to, please bring your own pen to use.
  • I will use washable (at 60 degrees) cotton throws over the soft furnishing chairs and change these for each client.

Your actions to keep us safe

  • If you arrive early for your session you are asked to wait in your car, or you are welcome to sit on one of the public benches outside the clinic.
  • I would suggest that you call or text me when you arrive (07525 434244), and as long as 30 minutes has elapsed since my last client has left the clinic, and I have completed all required cleaning, I will be happy to welcome you in early to your session.
  • If you or a member of your household is feeling unwell or are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, please do inform me straight away. I will either rearrange your appointment or move your session to an online one.
  • I encourage you to use your own toilet facilities at home before leaving for the session. (I do appreciate that due to the drive to the clinic and session duration the toilet may be required. Please be assured that it will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each client use).
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements relating to social distancing. Maintaining a minimum of 1m+ from me at all times whilst I use PPE equipment, or 2m+ if I do not wear it.
  • Arrive wearing a face-covering – please have this on before I open the clinic door for you. Face-coverings are not mandatory during the session once we are comfortably seated 2m+ from each other, but are at all other times.
  • Allow me to open the clinic door, and therapy room door for you upon arrival and departure.
  • Make use of the hand sanitiser provided in reception and/or in the therapy room.
  • Where possible avoid touching any surfaces unnecessarily.
  • In order to speak more clearly to you once the session starts I will remove my face-mask once we are comfortably settled in our seats and either change it for a clear plastic face-shield or remove it completely if you are comfortable with this (face coverings are not mandatory for clients during the actual session). Please note that the distance between us in the therapy room is well in excess of 2m which allows for us to be free from a face-covering, however I respect any decision that is right for you.  
  • Please bring with you any refreshments / water bottle / tissues / a pen / spectacles / other items you may require and take these away with you.

You can download a copy of my Pre-screening Declaration Form that you will be requested to sign at the start of any face-to-face session here:

If you have a printer you are welcome to print the attached form so you complete it and bring a copy signed to me on the day of your session, however please do not pre-date this form earlier than your session date. If you prefer to do this in the clinic I will provide you with a form to complete however please bring your own pen to sign this. If I am required to supply a pen I will disinfect it prior to passing it to you.

Please note that I am following the latest industry and government guidelines so that I can safely and confidently practice face-to-face. I will be responsive to any updates or changes and advise you should any changes need to be adhered to by providing an updated version of this information by email.

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