Following an initial consultation, I offer a choice of individual sessions, a package of six sessions, or (what I call) super-sessions. These are longer sessions which allow us to work intensively on improving or enhancing your wellbeing. Many therapists offer sessions of 50 to 60 minutes, and I am happy to offer these shorter sessions, however my belief is that 90 minutes allows us to really connect and work towards the changes you want to make.

Individual Session


Book as few or as many individual sessions as you would like at any frequency that suits you and over any time frame.

Six Session Package


Six sessions for the price of five.
Sessions are requested to be taken during a period of 12 weeks.

Half-day Super Session


A longer session that allows us to work more intensively. Perfect for those who have limited time to attend weekly sessions or who want or require rapid change.

Full-day Super Session


An all-day session that includes time for breaks, and lunch plus an outside walk if you would like (weather permitting).